Backyard Pull-up Bar Part 2: Back to the Bar

Last month, my brother Danny and I finally finished building his backyard pull-up bar. It wound up being a bigger project than we originally envisioned, but in the end, Danny was left with an amazing home gym.

I recently got to work out on the backyard bar during a visit to Danny’s house in Brooklyn. I’ve been trying out some advanced muscle-up techniques like plyometric clapping muscle-ups and slow, no-hands muscle-ups (technically the hands are used, but they aren’t gripping the bar), while Danny’s been continuing to practice the human flag and human flag pull-ups.

The bars in Danny’s set-up have a 2″ diameter, which is even thicker than the bars at Tompkins Square Park. The thickness of the bars adds an extra challenge to exercises like pull-ups, muscle-ups and levers, so practicing on Danny’s set-up is helping my grip strength. Training on the fat bars makes going back to standard ones feel easy.

It was a bit cold out but we still managed to heat up those bars!

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  • Rosalie

    You guys make me smile.

  • John

    You guys get that money everywhere…. When I grow up and can do a pull up, I want a backyard pull up bar.

  • Jim Arkus

    Is this all part of your plan to just be Spider-Man?

  • Al Kavadlo

    Thanks! We might make you do a pull-up too if you’re not careful!

  • Al Kavadlo

    One day, John. One day…

  • Al Kavadlo

    Pretty much, yeah. :)

  • Eddie

    Completely BADASS, how about sending me one?LOL awesome tho AL!

  • Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Eddie! I think it’d be easier to just build your own. :)

  • Mike Lieberman

    Get that money son. Everyone’s got a price. Everyone’s gonna pay.

  • Al Kavadlo

    Haha nice obscure reference!

  • Anonymous

    I can do a pull up – but I’d like to see the plans for that rig! :)

  • Al Kavadlo
  • Arcel Derosena

    make that money,we work hard in Brooklyn. You guys deserve a raise.

  • Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Arcel! I hope you’re keeping up with your workouts!

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  • Cdefeo82

    I love this freaking website!

  • Al Kavadlo


  • Dan Owens

    I was juts wondering what do you do in winter! I bet when its so cold there is frost on the bar its hard to train? do you wear special gloves? 

  • Al Kavadlo