February 2012 Update

I’m excited to announce that I have finished the manuscript for my forthcoming book, Raising the Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics.

I am also excited to announce that Dragon Door (publisher of the Convict Conditioning books) is my new publisher!

Raising the Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics will tell you everything you need to know about how to train pull-ups, muscle-ups and dips, as well as dozens of other bar exercises, many of which have not been discussed here on my blog. The book will also contain over 200 brand new full color photos as well as a section on hand-balancing.

I’m now in the process of finishing the photos for the book with photographer Colleen Leung. Once that’s done we can begin the layout and design phase. If all goes as planned, the book should be available this spring. I will keep you guys posted as soon as I know more.

In the meantime, make sure you get a copy of my first book, We’re Working Out! A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness, if you haven’t already.

Last but not least, here’s a new video with some new moves you’ve never seen from me before:

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  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks – hope like it!

  • Etienne

    Al, I dont know if you already addressed this but I cant seem to find it……Will your new book be released on paper and ebook at the same time, or will there be a delay in the release of the e version as there was with your first book. Thanks

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Hey Etienne – The ebook and paperback versions of Raising the Bar will be released at the same time.

  • Gastar91

    Hey Al! really Looking forward to your book :)
    short question: have you ever been interested in more gymnastic training? I mean you take a lot of gymnastic elements in your strength training, but Id love to see how you do on rings and such. At least for me, after being quite proficient with dips and pullups on bars, ring training opened a whole new (awe-inspiring) world for me

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Gastar!  And yes I’ve done some ring work (and other suspension training).  Check out this post for more: http://www.alkavadlo.com/2010/06/muscle-ups-on-rings-a-tutorial/

  • Whiffet

    Congrats Al on the book deal.  Keep up the inspiring videos.  Whiffet.

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks!  Will do!

  • Rob

    Loved your Zen Approach Book.
    Can I ask what the cost of your new book will be?

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Rob!  The price for the new book is still TBD.  Expect an update with more info in a few weeks.

  • jon

    hey Al, will the new book include workout routines?

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo


  • Kane Augustus

    Eager for your next article, man.  I’m totally fiending!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    I’ve got a new video up in the sidebar that should hold you over for a bit!

  • Anilkorol

    What up Al? Still no muscle up on my part :S Passing the 7 month mark since started calisthenics. Lowered the intensity of the routines I do a bit thinking that would help improve faster. I was doing pull ups everyother day now I do just two days a week, and do other exercises the other days of the week.  What do you think, is that a good idea? Or should I do the pull ups more frequently?

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Sounds good, Anil.  Remember, seven months isn’t very long at all.  Be patient and enjoy the ride.

  • Gilestro

    Hi Al,
    One of the things I love about you is that you seem to have such a wide array of skills- hand balancing, levers, holds, muscle ups, pistols. You seem to be able to do it all. You are a true all rounder and I’m sure you are fitter and healthier as a result of that. My question is how do you schedule your training? Do you do a basic full body workout all year round and then supplement in various skill sessions to meet your current goal or do you just focus solely on that one goal.
    I’m currently trying to get the ring muscle up nailed by doing 2 short full body workouts per week (M/F) (2 sets x 1 exercise for each push, pull, leg & core) and then a specialised M-up session on Wednesday and maybe another on Saturday if I’ve got the energy. If I train just the m-up the false grip limits the number of reps I can perform and my pull up numbers seem to drop back over a month or so.

    Any advice is appreciated and i hope this post isn’t too long.


  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Hey Gilestro – Check this out: http://www.alkavadlo.com/2011/01/ask-al-how-much-do-you-workout/

    For more insight into how I train, you should consider getting a copy of my first book, We’re Working Out! A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness.

  • Gilestro

    Thanks for the link Al. I already bought your first book about 6 months ago. So I guess the answer is you do do a full body workout almost every day but then add in skill sessions 2-3 times per week as well.

    Many thanks, GT