We’re Working Out! with Jack Arnow

My brother Danny and I recently had the pleasure of meeting and training with legendary bodyweight strongman (and fellow Brooklyn native) Jack Arnow.

A training partner of Jasper Benincasa, who’s considered by many to be the strongest pull-up bar athlete of all time, Jack is well-known for his accomplishments in the world of one-arm chin-ups.

Jack was actually one of the first people to ever write about the subject; his article on one arm chin-up training predates my book Raising The Bar by several years.

In his prime, Jack was known to perform a one arm chin-up while holding a 35 lb. weight. Now, at age 70, he’s still stronger than 99% of guys, regardless of age.

Watch the video below for more:

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  • http://www.risingupward.com/ Rose Garland Widell

    There’s no way Mr. Arnow is 70! Wow!

  • Adrienne Harvey

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! What an inspirational trio you guys make!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    I know, right? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Adrienne! I hope you get to meet Jack yourself one day – I’m sure the two of you would get along great!

  • Andy Fay

    Amazing! Gave me goosebumps! Now I have to do some pull-ups! Thanks for everything, Al!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andy.fay Andy Fay

    Amazing! Gave me goosebumps! Now I have to do some pull-ups! Thanks for everything, Al!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Right on, Andy! Go do those pull-ups – We’re Working Out!

  • Paul John Wade

    The guy has a great front lever and is working back to the one-arm chin in his SEVENTIES. More important, he is strong, happy, wise, looks great and seems like he can take on the world.

    Don’t tell me this bodyweight stuff doesn’t work.

  • http://droidjv.wordpress.com/ Juan Villanelo

    Amazing, truly inspirational.

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Paul! Jack is living proof of the power of calisthenics!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Inspirational indeed! Thanks for the comment, Juan!

  • Myles

    wow 70 years of age,now thats outstanding.hope i’m still working out in my elderly years :-)

  • RobbyTaylor

    Awesome! This is funny, because just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about asking you if you had tried to meet and train with Mr. Arnow, knowing that he’s from Brooklyn. Danny’s reaction to Jack’s front lever is priceless. What an inspirational man; Jasper Benincasa’s spirit lives on through Jack. It’s almost mind boggling to know that he actually trained with the legend Jasper Benincasa back when they were in their prime…not to belittle Mr. Arnow he’s a legend in my mind as well!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Me too!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Robby! Jack is the man!

  • Jack Arnow

    I want to thank all of you above and below, for the very kind words. I’m sure I’ve learned more from Danny, Al and Adrienne than they have from me. And when I read Convict Condtitioning, I’ll learn still more. Enjoy your training folks. Bodies love to move.

  • http://rawstory.com/ Igor Washetko

    Yeah right 70? I need to see some ID. Amazing as always fellas. You gonna be in the park this weekend? My mother and daughter are gonna be on the island and I need an autograph Al?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joneseythedog.ketley Joneseythedog Ketley

    Jack’s attitude is fantastic, something there for everyone to learn from. It never really has to end does it?

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Jack! We all continue to learn from and inspire one another – that’s the beauty of the calisthenics community!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    You know it, Andrew!

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Weather permitting, I’ll be at TSP every Saturday morning leading my class: http://www.alkavadlo.com/working-out-with-al/

  • http://vkelman-blog.blogspot.com/ vkelman

    I remember how I saw back in Moscow some 30 years ago one guy was doing one arm muscle up! (He was also performing pull-ups with another guy of a weigh of 180 lbs or so hanging on him.

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  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Wow – do you know who the guy was?

  • http://vkelman-blog.blogspot.com/ vkelman

    Sorry Al, there is no way to recover that info after 30 years. But I saw it with my young eyes ;)

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Haha – no doubt! :)

  • Melanie

    Al! Every time I visit your website I end up with a smile on my face. What a great, inspirational post.
    It was also fun to see Danny break his ‘straight man’ act (which I get a huge kick out of) and not be able to keep the grin off his face.

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Melanie!

  • Agustin Whittaker

    Awesome, great inspiration.

  • http://www.AlKavadlo.com/ Al Kavadlo

    Thanks, Agustin!