5B's Pull-up Jam 2011

This past Saturday I took the #4 train into Brooklyn for the annual 5B’s Pull-up Jam at Lincoln Terrace Park.

Unlike last year’s contest, however, I didn’t enter the actual competition. This time I just went to hang out, be a part of the good vibes and of course, get my reps in.

As always, there was lots of good energy, good conversation and of course, “good money!”

While the contest was happening in one part of the park, a crowd gathered near another set of bars for an informal freestyle exhibition. A lot of big names from the extreme calisthenics community were on hand to represent. There was no shortage of pull-ups, muscle-ups, levers and many other advanced moves.

All in all, everyone had a good time and a great workout. Thanks to all who entered and attended, and especially to everyone behind the scenes who made this event so much fun!

Watch the video below for more:

14 thoughts on “5B's Pull-up Jam 2011

  • By Trevor - Reply

    Looks like a hot bed of strength, skill, talent, etc. with bodyweight exercises in your area.  Truly inspiring.  I look forward to obtaining some of these moves in the next year or two.  Some I’m at now but a year ago I wasn’t.  

    Do they have a website for this competition?  I like to see it in person sometime.

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Thanks, Trevor.  There is a 5B’s Pull-up Jam facebook page but I’m not sure if there is an official website.  I think the contest is typically on a Saturday in August every year.

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  • By Jim Arkus - Reply

    Winner of best Facial Hair:  Al Kavadlo

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Haha – thanks, Jim!

  • By Anton Kuchumov - Reply

    The more ppl are into this game, the better it becomes!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply


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  • By Anonymous - Reply

    Man the parks here are dreadful…You guys are so lucky

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Bummer you don’t have a good park to train at, but thankfully you can work out anywhere!  :)

  • By Txw716 - Reply

    in Poland usually you can only do pull ups off swings… or at least if you’re over 6 feet

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      We’re lucky to have nice parks like this one here in NYC.  But as long as you get your reps in, it doesn’t really matter.  :)

  • By Nunh - Reply

    Very cool event!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      It sure was!

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