Never Too Old to Work Out

A lot of people in the calisthenics community know about Tompkins Square Park. It’s where the Bar-barians train, it’s where I train and thanks to youtube, it’s become a legendary park for bar training all over the world.

There is another group that trains at TSP, however. One that you’ve probably never heard of unless you’ve spent some time there yourself. That is, until now.

Old Dogs, New Tricks
A lot of people write to me with concerns about starting strength training later in life. In the video below, you’ll see three men in their 50’s and 60’s busting out some high level calisthenics. One of the fellows featured didn’t even begin this type of training until his 50’s.

You don’t stop working out because you get old, you get old because you stop working out.

Prepare to be amazed:

47 thoughts on “Never Too Old to Work Out

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  • By Jimmy Gee - Reply

    Great to see!!  I started back into working out around age 48.  Four years into it and my weight is down ~40lbs and energy is up.  Calisthenics are a great way to keep moving, which is what it’s all about.

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Thanks, Jimmy!  Keep up the good work!

  • By youthser - Reply

    Hahahah that dude at the end is legendary! did you ask if he was ever a circus performer? the sound he makes at the end is pretty typical and is meant to invite applause from the crowd.

    Great stuff Al, thanks for putting these guys on the map!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Yeah he’s the man!  His name is Alexander Merinov and yes, I believe he is/was a circus performer. 

  • By Alex - Reply

    Nice video!!! Thank you.

  • By Alex - Reply

    Nice video!!! Thank you

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Thanks for being in it, Alex!

  • By Anil - Reply

    I am 31 and have been thinking if I am late about starting calisthenics. Now all  bad feelings gone :) All those guys are fantastic… :)

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Good to get some perspective, eh?  :)

      • By Anil - Reply

         Definately :)

  • By Feinguy - Reply

    Way to make me feel lazy Al.   :o)

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Don’t blame me if you feel lazy.  Go work out!

  • By Giancarlo Vinciguerra - Reply

    Love the new video and we all fell in love with your new friend!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Yeah he’s a loveable guy!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Yeah he’s a loveable guy!

  • By John Ricci - Reply

    The Bob Rob team are getting that money…. Damn I wish I was in that shape now at 40… yes I know I can be….and the man at the end is something….

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Sounds like you’re inspired, John!  How are your pull-ups coming along?

    • By Trevor - Reply

      John I’m right with you there.  I’m 38 and I can’t do half of that stuff.  But I’m inspired to and I’ll get there.  Although, I’m close to some of the stuff.  It will take a few years.  But I want to grow up like these guys.

      • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

        Haha – right on, Trevor!  Keep training hard!

  • By Pjod71 - Reply

    yeesss! Truly inspirational. Even if it takes me 20 years I’m gonna get that one arm pull up

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      That’s the spirit!

  • By Anonymous - Reply

    One of your all time best posts Al.  Seriously.  I glad finally Bob let you film him!

    • By Anonymous - Reply

      I mean I’m glad, not I glad.

      • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

        Thanks, Danny!  I knew what you meant.  :)

  • By Mike Opteris - Reply

    You tell ’em Al! A change of lifestyle and your tutorials helped me to get fit starting when I was 51! Now at 52, I feel better, look better and am far healthier than I’ve been since my early 20’s.  And the best part, it’s easy when you do it like Al!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Congrats, Mike!  Glad to have helped – keep passing that inspiration on to others!

  • By Maria Pili - Reply

    wow that was really cool !!

    found your blog some time ago… love it !! i must admit though i just read it cause i find it way too hard for me to even try to start with this kind of training… feel too old (im 30) and totally out of shape. but after seeing this … god i want to grow up being as fit as them !! 

    any advice on how i can get started with calisthenics? (im already training with bodyweight exercises.. hiit and tabata … but im nowhere near to do a single pull up yet)
    thanks! (and sorry for my english)

  • By alex from germany - Reply

    Great article. remembers me of my grandvather, who’s now in his 80es and still drives 12.000 km (about 7400ml) with his bike and swims 250 km (155 ml) in one year. yesterday, he called and told me that he finishes his third (!) circumnavigation of the earth in two months. and he started working out with 67!
    ”the only limitation is your creativity.” Yes, Al!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Right on, Alex!  You’re grandfather would fit in nicely with these guys!

  • By Jenifer (zoebird) - Reply

    So, I’ve spent the better part of several half-hours (since that’s how my life is broken up, into half-hour segments) watching Al’s videos and getting inspiration and stuff. And this is my primary take-away:

    Al is full of awesomeness. 

    This awesomeness mirrors my own awesomeness. 

    I can have all kinds of awesome fun discovering my awesomeness, which Al demonstrates for me in videos.

    You are never too old (or too young) for awesomeness.

    Thanks, Al!

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Well said, Jenifer.  We are all reflections of one another.  Glad I’ve helped you tap into your awesomeness.  :)

  • By Belatrix - Reply

    That is truly inspirational. I want to grow up to be like the guys in this video. I have to remember to bookmark this & show it to my mom. I love her dearly but when I told her what I do for exercise she said “you will have to accept (and act) your age eventually”. Oh well, different generation…  That said, I sometimes wish I had started working out earlier and not just a year ago. I’ve seen tremendous progress but I could have been so much further along the path to awesomeness if I’d started 20 years ago! 😉

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      It’s easy to try to rewrite history, but the only time to take action is the present.  Good for you on your progress – maybe you’ll inspire your mom!

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  • By Jguyc405 - Reply

    awesome as always

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Thanks, Jguyc405!

  • By Steve23 - Reply

    this is gay

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Haha, Steve23 – you are so clever and hilarious!

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  • By Mel - Reply

    Awesome! My dad has always been active, but I introduced him to Crossfit around age 67. He just turned 69 & despite scoliosis, he’s probably in the best shape of his life! He called to tell me he’d recently gotten a PR on a deadlift. :)   I also got my mom training a few years ago, too, before they went to Peru for two weeks. She’s still at it, and has been using kettlebells and doing more strength training in the last year. She’s 60. :)

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Good for your folks!  Thanks for sharing, Mel.

  • By John D - Reply

    Great topic Al…..I’m 62 and just did my first ring front lever recently. Got the ring muscleup down and someday I am going to finally get that damned floor kipup and bar muscleup !
    Your site is always inspiring
    John D

    • By Al Kavadlo - Reply

      Right on, John! That comment is pretty inspiring!

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