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Client Spotlight: Kartik’s First Muscle-up

Kartik has been one of my most consistent and hardworking clients for a long time, so he’s no stranger to pull-ups and dips. Despite a shoulder injury from before we met, Kartik’s built a considerable amount of upper-body strength and power in recent years and he’s now stronger and healthier than he’s ever been. Always [...]

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Client Spotlight: Katie

When I first met Katie, she had worked with trainers before, but hadn’t been able to maintain long term fitness. Like many people, she seesawed back and forth with her dedication and often let life get in the way of her health. As a result, she was never able to make any significant gains in [...]

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Client Spotlight: John

You might not know it by looking at him, but John is one hell of an athlete, having completed multiple marathons and Ironmans. Since his last marathon, however, John had gotten lax with his training and diet. Nothing lasts forever; if you don’t use it – you lose it! A few months ago, John decided [...]

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Client Spotlight: Betsy

When I met Betsy last October, it had been a while since she had last worked out. As a former varsity tennis player, however, she was able to jump back in quickly, immediately becoming one of my most committed and consistent clients. During the months that we trained together, Betsy made significant progress in her [...]

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Client Spotlight: Alex

Alex is the most recent addition to my roster of personal training clients. In only a few short months, he has seen huge improvements in his strength, coordination and energy level. Having never done any strength training before, Alex and I have been spending most of our sessions focusing on the fundamentals of body-weight training. [...]

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