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Minimal Equipment Workouts

You don’t need to spend money on a gym membership or any fancy fitness gear to get in shape. You can actually get great workouts with no equipment at all. The only thing you need to get fit is the desire to better yourself and the ability to take action. If you are looking to [...]

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One Arm Pull-ups and One Arm Chin-ups

Several years ago, a client of mine asked me if I’d ever seen anyone do a one arm pull-up. I stood for a moment in silent contemplation, then lifted one hand, wrapped it around my opposite wrist and said, “ya mean like this?” “No,” he said, “without the other hand assisting at all.” I told [...]

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How to Increase Your Reps on Pull-ups

I get lots of emails from people who’ve gone stagnant on their pull-ups asking for my advice on how to improve. The only way to progress at pull-ups (or anything for that matter) is consistent practice. There has never been another way and there never will be. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the [...]

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Backyard Pull-up Bar Part 2: Back to the Bar

Last month, my brother Danny and I finally finished building his backyard pull-up bar. It wound up being a bigger project than we originally envisioned, but in the end, Danny was left with an amazing home gym. I recently got to work out on the backyard bar during a visit to Danny’s house in Brooklyn. [...]

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Scaffold Pull-ups

Any red-blooded man who’s walked beneath scaffolding has no doubt been tempted to jump up, grab a bar and go for it. Those things are practically begging to be swung around on, hung from or climbed. One of the only things I dislike about life in NYC is all the construction, but every cloud has [...]

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