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Twist Holds

Since the release of Convict Conditioning 2 last fall, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the exercise demonstrations I provided for the book. Most of the questions are about the clutch flag and human flag holds, but I’ve also gotten quite a few about author Paul Wade’s “trifecta” progression, particularly the twist holds. [...]

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Back Bridges

The back bridge is a timeless exercise that can help build total-body strength and improve your flexibility along the way. Whether your focus is strength training, calisthenics, yoga or any other type of exercise, back bridging is bound to come up in some form. While bridges are often performed isometrically, they can also be done [...]

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Assessing Your Fitness (Part Three: Flexibility)

I once knew a guy who threw out his back while getting a beer out of a cooler. Seriously. If you don’t take care of your body, at some point you’ll wind up getting an (easily preventable) injury. Flexibility is often the most overlooked aspect of fitness, but without a full range of motion in [...]

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Stretching: Before or After Your Workout?

Most fitness professionals agree that stretching is a worthwhile part of a well rounded exercise routine, but lately there seems to be a lot of debate about when to stretch. For a long time, conventional wisdom held that stretching should be performed before your workout, as a means to loosen up the muscles. The theory [...]

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Assisted Stretching

It’s common knowledge that flexibility is an important part of overall fitness, yet many people still neglect this key component of a well rounded exercise regimen. One way to make stretching more interesting (and in many cases more effective), is by having a partner or trainer to assist you. One great stretch to do with [...]

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