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Precision Jumping

Parkour involves strength, agility, quickness and grace. Precision jumping is a fundamental parkour move that encompasses all of those traits. I first learned of precision jumps when I was beginning parkour this past winter and I’ve been practicing them ever since. As the name implies, this skill is about leaping onto a small target (often [...]

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Leapin’ Lunges!

Lunges are one of my favorite leg exercises, but like everything in life, you don’t want your leg routine to become, well, routine. Once you’ve gotten comfortable and confident with regular lunges, give yourself a new challenge. Turn them into a plyometric exercise by adding a jump. Here are 3 ways to do this: Stationary [...]

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All About Squats

The squat is the king of all lower body exercises. Squats work every muscle in your legs as well as your abs and lower back. Since your legs are such large muscles, they require lots of blood and oxygen to perform squats. This makes squatting a great way to give your heart and lungs a [...]

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Pistol Squat Tutorial

The pistol squat is one of my favorite bodyweight exercises. Pistols are challenging on many levels, requiring core strength, leg strength and flexibility. I often get asked about this exercise, so I decided a formal tutorial was in order. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with two-legged squats, you’re ready to learn the pistol. I like to [...]

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Performing Perfect Squats

I began training a new client recently who had been working out on her own for years. She realized that she was in a bit of a rut with her routine and that she would benefit from taking me on as her trainer. Smart girl. There is always an assessment period when I begin working [...]

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